Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Jeff Veggie Lewis" sandwich at Friar's Tavern to Support The BumbleBee Fund

The Rise Guys morning show is hosting a contest at Friar's Tavern (Greenville and Clemson) to see which member of their radio show can make the best sandwich. Jeff Lewis Neal has selected The BumbleBee Fund to receive proceeds from his sandwich sales! To show your support, we are asking everyone to check out the newly renovated Friar's Tavern on Woodruff Road or for our Anderson County friends, you can visit their Clemson location. The BumbleBee Fund will receive $2 for every  "Jeff Veggie Lewis" sandwich sold and Jeff will get one step closer to winning his sales contest with the rest of The Rise Guys (they all have sandwiches and charities that they are trying to to help). Look for more information soon for some special Date Nights that we will be hosting, but until then take your coworkers to lunch, significant other out to dinner, or just go get yourself a snack while helping a really great cause! And please tell them The BumbleBee Fund sent you!

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