Monday, November 10, 2014

The BumbleBee Fund returns to help our friend Caleb!

A year ago, Frank and I said good bye to The BumbleBee Fund. It was a difficult decision, but one that we knew was best for our family. We never really closed the door...and now we know why...

I met Christian and her family last summer, although I was "following" her son Caleb's story on Facebook way before we met. I was inspired by her never ending faith, love and determination. She would post real life heartaches, like feeling helpless as Caleb fought through terrible seizures, but Christian also posted beautiful signs of hope, like watching Caleb enjoy a ride on the 4wheeler with his Dad or seeing Caleb smiling because he was proud of something he accomplished during physical therapy. When your child is medically complex, every moment is big, good and bad.

Christian and her husband Wayne have been working with 4 Paws for Ability so Caleb can receive a much needed seizure alert dog. In Decmeber they will all travel to Ohio for a two week, mandatory training before bringing Caleb's new best friend home. Christian explains why all of this is SO important on her BBF family page, and that is why Frank and I wanted to open up The BumbleBee Fund one more time to help Caleb and his family get to Ohio! The money we raise will help the Morgan family pay for groceries and gas while they are away, and hopefully help pay their mortgage and household utilities for the month of December!

Caleb is fighting a battle that no child should. Christian and Wayne are doing everything they can to give Caleb the childhood he deserves. They need our help...please give your best gift today!

Please click below to donate!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been a great run...

Dear The BumbleBee Fund friends,

Over the last 2 years, The BumbleBee Fund raised over $25,000 and helped 9 families! Since last year's 5K, Alisa and I have been working with other SC nonprofit agencies that share our vision of helping families raising a child with special needs. After many long, heartfelt discussions, we have decided to discontinue The BumbleBee Fund's fundraising efforts. Alisa and I will continue to support families like ours, raising a child with special needs, just in a different way. We want to thank our amazing family, friends, sponsors, donors and community for their support over the years. 

Frank Bentley

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introducing our 2012 BumbleBee Families...

This year, The BumbleBee Fund will be raising money to help 3 very deserving families. Each are taking one day at a time to make ends meet and keep their family happy, healthy, and loved. Your donation to this year's 5k Families will help purchase groceries, gasoline, and/or assist with mortgage/rent/utility payments. Their stories are unique, but the help is the same. Thank you for your support!


Please share their stories with your friends and family!

Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd Annual BumbleBee Fund 5k and Fun Run

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2nd Annual BumbleBee 5K Fun Run and Walk! Please visit this link and register to participate. Last year we had over 100 people in attendance and this year we hope to have 200 participants! We need your help, so get your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or church group together and join us in September as we run/walk to help families raising a child with special needs!

Monday, May 7, 2012

BumbleBee Families for 2nd Annual BumbleBee 5K Fun Run & Walk

The BumbleBee Fund is currently looking for families to sponsor during the 2nd Annual BumbleBee 5k Fun Run and Walk. Last year The BumbleBee Fund donated over $20,000 to 4 very deserving families. This year's fundraiser will be structured a little differently, but will still be beneficial to BumbleBee Families selected (more details coming soon).

If you are raising a child with special needs and could use a little help or know a family that is in need of assistance, please send an email to or call 864-256-1BEE(233). We would love to help make your household budget stretch a little farther, while raising awareness in our community of the financial struggles families raising a child with special needs face.

Save the Date!

The 2nd Annual BumbleBee Fund 5k Fun Run & Walk will be held on Saturday, September 22 at ICAR in Greenville, South Carolina. Event details and registration will be available soon!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Jeff Veggie Lewis" sandwich at Friar's Tavern to Support The BumbleBee Fund

The Rise Guys morning show is hosting a contest at Friar's Tavern (Greenville and Clemson) to see which member of their radio show can make the best sandwich. Jeff Lewis Neal has selected The BumbleBee Fund to receive proceeds from his sandwich sales! To show your support, we are asking everyone to check out the newly renovated Friar's Tavern on Woodruff Road or for our Anderson County friends, you can visit their Clemson location. The BumbleBee Fund will receive $2 for every  "Jeff Veggie Lewis" sandwich sold and Jeff will get one step closer to winning his sales contest with the rest of The Rise Guys (they all have sandwiches and charities that they are trying to to help). Look for more information soon for some special Date Nights that we will be hosting, but until then take your coworkers to lunch, significant other out to dinner, or just go get yourself a snack while helping a really great cause! And please tell them The BumbleBee Fund sent you!