Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The BumbleBee Fund 5k is looking for TEAMS!!!

The BumbleBee Fund is giving 5 families an opportunity to raise funds to help them make ends meet while they adjust to their new, life changing situation. We already have 2 families collecting online donations that  will go directly to the family the Team is sponsoring. We still have 3 Team spots open, so please read below if you or a family you know would benefit from this fund raising opportunity. Email us at info@bumblebeefund.com today!

We are currently accepting recommendations!  
Please write us a recommendation, either for your family or a family that you believe would benefit from this fundraising opportunity. Include the child’s age, diagnosis (if known), challenges the family currently faces financially, support system and resources the family is currently utilizing, and how this opportunity would effect the family. If your family is selected, you will need to get a TEAM of at least 5 together and register to walk/run as a team (Registration is $25 per participant and will go to The BumbleBee Fund). Your TEAM will get a Chip In link for easy to make online donations on the BumbleBee Fund webpage. The BumbleBee Fund will also include as much or as little of your family’s story (including a photo) as you would like with the Chip In link. Your TEAM will be solely responsible for fundraising and The BumbleBee Fund will hold all funds received in care of your TEAM until the 5k concludes on October 1, 2011. There will be a check presentation to all families that participated the day of the 5k.  
Note: The family must have a child under the age of 18, residing in their home, that has physician documented special needs and/or a diagnosis.


  1. Wow, I just learned about this organization. Wonderful stuff. Are you still accepting recommendations for families?

  2. We are always looking please email info@bumblebeefund.com with some more information!