Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank You

I am simply amazed that we exceeded our first goal for The BumbleBee Fund in just 2.5 hours! A big thank you to everyone that made this possible.  When Alisa and I were mapping out our plan for this year, we hoped to start helping our first round of families in time for the holidays. After the overwhelming response we received from just our family and friends this afternoon, it looks like we will be able to start helping families much sooner than expected.
You will notice that the Chipin button has been replaced with a Donate button. Since we met our start up goal, all funds raised from here on out will go directly to The BumbleBee Fund's operating expenses and family assistance. PLEASE NOTE: these donations are still NOT tax deductible and will not be until you see an announcement here saying the IRS has approved our application for tax exempt status. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Again a very heartfelt thank you from my family to yours and please continue to share our story, we are only getting started!


  1. Hi Frank and Alisa,
    This is a great thing you're doing. Our hearts go out to you. We've had a similar experience having a healthy first born son in 2005 then our in 2007 our daughter was born with 2p23.1 microdeletion syndrome. We knew she was developmentally delayed but the seizures didn't start until she was 2.5 which is when we got the diagnosis. My wife was 1 month pregnant with our third at that time (who was born 100% healthy) so needless to say this past 1.5 years have been full with pain and joy and completely insane. Would love to connect offline or on Facebook since we don't know any other parents with kids who have this rare syndrome.

    My name is Paul Korver and my wife is Kristine.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for commenting. I think I can speak for Alisa when I say we would love to meet up. Just let us know when you will be in upstate SC. Alisa is the social networker in the family and I'm sure you will have a friend invite very soon. We appreciate the kind words and please share our site with as many people as you can. We are gonna need as much help as we can get.